Monday to Friday Schedule As A Working Mom

Monday to Friday Schedule As A Working Mom

Since my evening checklist was so popular and I got a lot of questions asking about our daily grind, it seemed logical to expand on it and share my full weekday routine as a working mom with 2 toddlers. This is the gold standard as to how our days should go and it makes it seem like I have my shit completely together and flutter around without a care in the world. In reality, I need this structure because I’m not a morning person and everything goes to hell in a hand basket on the days I don’t prep the night before.

Let me preface this by saying that you need to alter this schedule to reflect commuting time. I’m so spoiled that I can get door to door in 30 minutes but I completely understand that 30 minutes isn’t always practical. I also have the luxury (and I do consider it a luxury) to live in a condo where I can have eyes on the kids at all times. I do my makeup while they eat because I can see the kitchen island from my dressing table. If I lived in a house, I would keep a makeup bag by a mirror close to the kitchen so I could still get ready while they eat and bring their clothes downstairs to avoid multiple trips. As well, since Nixon is 1.5 years old and Taylor is 3.5 years old, I don’t have to do pack their lunch (until Kindergarten next year) because thankfully, daycare provides it! BLESS THEM!!

7:30AM – wake up; free time for kids to play, I made coffee, start their breakfast, put my lunch bag in the stroller (otherwise, I forget it! Lol)
7:45AM – breakfast (usually cereal, PB&J, fruit, yogurt, pre-prepped pancakes or scrambled eggs), the kids eat while I get ready
8:15AM – Tom gets kids get dressed when they finish eating AND each one can play while the other is getting dressed. I get dressed
8:30AM – toss the kids in the stroller and roll out as a family. Ditch Tom at the corner and head off to daycare
9AM - arrive at work

*on my lunch I try to make a list of dinners for the week and start a grocery list for fresh items or an online order depending on the week. More on this and how I batch my work and personal life tasks here

5PM – leave work and pick up kids
5:15PM – fight kids into coats (here are my winter dressing tricks), feed stroller snacks on the way home (rice rusks, goldfish, fruit pouch, etc.)
5:30PM – free play time for kids while I make dinner for them. Ideally I just heat up leftovers and start Tom and I’s dinner (that will be our lunch and their dinner the next day). Making our dinner takes forever since I have to keep stopping to tend to the kids. I also do random things as I think of them:
  • pack daycare bag (milk cup for Nixon, show and tell items, extra diapers, etc.)
  • arrange cups/bowls/ etc. for breakfast
  • check stroller for snacks (add if necessary)
  • lay out kids outfits
  • lay out my outfit
  • throw in a load of laundry/put away kids laundry from night before

 6:30PM – bath or free play depending on the day of the week. During bath time I:
  • wash my face (sometimes I even do a sheet mask!), floss, etc.
  • tidy up the bathroom by wiping the counters, mirrors, etc. 
  • switch over the laundry as the washer/dryer is visible from the washroom
*depending on your layout and your kids age, you’ll be limited in what you can accomplish during bath time because you can’t leave them unattended

7PM – PJ’s, milk, brush teeth, and story time (Nixon)
7:30PM – Nixon bed. Taylor usually demands a snack
8PM - brush teeth, pee, story time (Taylor)
8:30PM – Taylor bed, I usually surf Instagram/Facebook while Taylor settles...
8:35PM – hear footsteps… ask Taylor to go back to bed
8:40PM – hear footsteps… ask Taylor to go back to bed
8:45PM – both kids sleeping!! Tom and I eat our dinner (maybe pour a glass of wine depending on the day!), tidy up kitchen
9:30PM - parental quality time (usually watching Netflix lol). On alternate nights I fold laundry (while watching TV. I put ours away but leave the kids since they are already asleep), shower (wash and blow dry hair, etc.)
10:30PM – bed for Tom and I

I save things like vacuuming and real cleaning for the weekends since both kids get a kick out of it. I also do online grocery shopping that gets delivered every few weeks (I usually schedule it for a Monday evening between 6-7pm). Then I’ll just pick up fresh produce on the way home from daycare or while we’re out on the weekends.

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