How To Get Your Kid(s) Dressed To Go Outside With Minimal Stress During The Winter

Winter wear for kids

Winter + dressing toddlers to go outside = stress. I am not a morning person so I prep as much as possible at night (get my evening routine here!) A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram that I was dreading getting the kids dressed in all the winter gear and out the door to daycare on time. I quickly realized I am not alone because so many of you responded with similar fears. Whenever I’m stressed about something, I try to take a step back and see how I can simplify the process (like batching, etc.) Besides having the outwear ready to go by the front door in the morning, I started thinking of other ways I could quickly get the kids dressed and out the door with minimal meltdowns. I decided to change my perspective and think of fun ways to encourage them rather that have it be a chore. Here’s how we’re getting our butts out the door this winter:

If they can dress themselves:
Make it a game… who can get dressed first? Or get dressed as fast as you can in order to find a hidden object, toy, or person.
Do the coat flip!

If they can’t dress themselves:
Distract them! Give them a toy (the crib aquariums are a great distraction while at home), a rice rusk, or a sticker to play with.

Kid refusing mittens? Put socks on their hands. They’ll think its hilarious and wear them. Just take the mitts to swap out later when they’ve forgotten all about refusing them in the first place.

Lastly, put on their boots last so they can walk around the home and aren’t sitting by the front door waiting until everyone else is ready. If they’re in the stroller, I keep boots in their daycare cubbies and they wear their ‘indoor’ shoes to school. It means we don’t have to change when we get there anyway!

The most important tip I can give you is that you get dressed last. There is nothing more frustrating than sweating in your parka wrestling a screaming toddler.

Daycare pickup is another fun time (sarcasm!) My guys are usually a perfect cocktail of hyper and hangry. Basically a toddler time bomb. Always, and I mean always, have non-perishable stroller (or car) snacks on hand. I give them the food as a distraction or as a reward depending on age and temperament and as mentioned above, take off your coat when you arrive so that you aren’t overheating. It’s so simple but I have way more patience when I’m not sweating in my outerwear.

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