Weekly Calendar For Children's Activities

When I was on mat leave, people always thought I had my shit together because I would be out and about with the boys. It’s not that I wanted to be out all the time, I just knew that getting out for a walk or to an EarlyON centre before lunch made all of us a little less crazy later in the day.

One day I spent 30 minutes compiling a list of things we could do each day of the week just so we knew what was out there. If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend you give it a go and create a basic list of your own. If you are a stay at home mom this may just keep you sane. Especially when your kids are going nutty and you just need a change of scenery. The worst thing is showing up at the community center and it's closed. Trust me! Click the below picture to download and print.

Activity calendar for kids

Here’s what my list looked like (for downtown Toronto) as an example:

Activity calendar for kids

If you live in Toronto, Mat Leave Map is a great (& growing resource) that’s trying to bridge the information gap between parents and kid friendly spaces. There's so many FREE resources available so take advantage! You'll also meet other cool moms and get a semblance of a social life. lol
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