How I Created A Solid Evening Routine To Simplify My Morning

Simplify Your Morning

My mornings can be chaotic to say the least. The only thing I've found helpful is prepping as much as possible each evening and creating a simple routine that I can do even when I'm exhausted or tight on time. Most of the items on this list can be completed in 15 minutes (TOTAL!) but those 15 minutes can mean everything when rushing to work/daycare in the morning. 

Click the below list for a downloadable version to keep on hand... and seriously spend a few minutes thinking about: what is your main stressor in the morning and how can you prep or simplify this in the evening? You may even realize that you need to explicitly ask for help. When I returned to work, it only took me a couple of days to realize I couldn’t do it all. I just asked my husband to get the kids dressed with the clothes I already have picked out and boom! I gained 10 minutes. Good luck, mama!

Evening Routine

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