The Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist!

Diaper bag checklist

Ever wonder what goes in a well stocked diaper bag? As a busy mom of two, I feel like I have this down to a science! My checklist has all the basics as well as some extra items that you may have forgotten about! I’m a huge fan of my (inexpensive) Amazon diaper bag that clips to the stroller, has top handles, or can be used as a backpack. This style fits so much more than the old school totes and keeps everything neatly organized but to be honest, I rarely take it off the stroller for fear of forgetting it. Any mom knows (or finds out early on) that leaving the house without the diaper bag can turn an awesome day out into a stressful, sweat-inducing dilemma. ‘Will the baby have a poop-xplosion before I get home?’ ‘Will the baby get hungry early?’ This is why I keep it fully stocked at all times and pray to the high heavens that I don’t leave the house without it. So now lets get to the goods… what the hell goes in it?

Diaper bag checklist

Download my full diaper bag checklist that goes way beyond the standard diapers and wipes!

Stroll-Air My Duo, Diaper bag backpack

Also, if you're currently pregnant definitely check out my labour bag checklist to avoid forgetting necessary items on your way to the hospital! 

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