5 Benefits To Having Children Close In Age

Brothers close in age

Our boys are just over 2 years apart and I love how close they are in age! Obviously there's pros and cons to both waiting longer in between vs. having them back to back but for us, the 2 years is perfect and here's why:

Brothers close in age

Mom Groove:
I'm already in a groove. I didn't have time to grow out of my 'mom' routine before slipping back into it with Baby #2. I remembered a lot of tricks that I learned with Taylor but I'm more flexible to try new things... I have experience, but still learn as I go.

Hand me downs:
I stored and reused all of Taylor's items so I didn't have to do much preparation before Nixon was born!

Double Time:
They take baths together, eat together, entertain each other

No Starting over:
I'm used to nap schedules, diapers changes and teething. I haven't been out of the woods long enough to regain the independence you get with an older child, only to start over with a newborn. Sure, I had to go back to breastfeeding and sterilizing everything, but for the most part, I hadn't left it that far behind.

Strong Sibling Bond:
It's no secret that Nixon is in awe of his older bother. He's always watching, laughing, and trying to crawl all over him. Taylor also tackles Nixon with hugs and tells everyone at daycare about his brother in the 'baby class'.

Brothers close in age
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