365Give Challenge

A few weeks ago, Tom sent me a Ted Talk called 365Give. It was about a mother that started a year long challenge of giving back to a person, animal or the planet every single day for a year. She did this to inspire happiness in her 3 year old. The intrinsic happiness that is only felt when you are doing something good for others. This hit me on a deep level. When I talk to mom friends, our goals are usually the same: to raise decent humans. Obviously this seemed like a fantastic place to start as well as a great learning opportunity for both Taylor (3 this month), and myself.
I quickly decided that a year was not sustainable but if I planned it out properly, a month was totally doable. I also didn't want the majority of items to be monetary compensation because Taylor doesn't understand the concept of money yet so I made a list with the majority of things we can do together. Here's our list of things well be doing this month. We may shift some around to accommodate weather or a special circumstance but I would be thrilled to cause a ripple effect and have others join us!

April 1: Meatless Monday - We're making this mushroom stroganoff
April 2: Pick up and sort garbage and recycling at one of our favorite parks
April 3: Write a kind note in sidewalk chalk
April 4: Donate art supplies to local community centre
April 5: Make and deliver thank you notes to condo staff
April 6: Smile at strangers all day
April 7: 10 minutes of meditation or yoga
April 8:  Bring reusable bags to grocery store
April 9: Buy a stranger a coffee
April 10: Hold all doors open for strangers
April 11: Give someone a nice long hug
April 12: Give lunch to a homeless person
April 13: Be straw free for the rest of the month
April 14: Sign a petition for something that matters to you
April 15: Make and send cards to our little cousins
April 16: Bake and deliver cookies to the local fire department
April 17: Write a thank you note or review for a small business
April 18: Compliment a stranger
April 19: Donate money to an organization or charity 
April 20: Send sweet cards to the grandmas
April 21: Walk everywhere, no cars!
April 22: No single use plastic 
April 23:Taylor to hand out some daily affirmation cards to moms at park, community centre, or library
April 24: Donate to the local food bank
April 25: Pick up and sort garbage and recycling at our other favorite parks
April 26: Donate books to library or book bank
April 27: Make a loved one their favorite meal
April 28: Tell your parents a fond childhood memory that they created but don't know how impactful it was
April 29: Bake cookies for our doctors office
April 30: Donate clothes to a shelter or organization
Follow along with us on Instagram and feel free to DM me your ideas because I'm sure I've missed some great ones!
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