10 Indoor Activities To Do With Children

As most of you know, we live in a condo in downtown Toronto which means that sometimes I need to get creative with things to do indoors with my kids since we don't have a backyard. We do have a nice rooftop that we use to hang out but I don't like to bring Taylor up there to destroy the place with side walk chalk or art supplies. We save that for the in the unit or at the park (as long as the items are biodegradable). Also, since we aren't big TV watchers around here, things can get hairy if I can't get them outside at least once per day. Since this weather has been so cold, I've gotten creative with how to keep them entertained inside. Music goes a long way, so I have Spotify going quite often. It's best to find simple songs that you can tune out. We like folk songs for kids, Raffi, and Mother Goose Club. In the morning I will put on a positive podcast or adult music just to start my day off right. I've also recently introduced short bedtime stories when we're tidying up before reading stories before bed. It's great because we can discus them and the messages they focus on.

Here are some tried and true activities that keep my toddler busy at home:

Walking The Line

balancing a ball on spoon, walking a line, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

With painters tape, make a line on the floor for your child to walk with a ball on a spoon (I used bigger objects since a smaller spoon was fairly difficult for Taylor). We also act like different animals and walk the line (ex. jump and croak like a frog) and do silly dances across it. Use your imagination!

Washing Toys

Crayola Bath Drops, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

Sometimes I just put a towel down with a container of soapy water and let Taylor 'wash' his hard toys. I give him paint brushes and he goes to town. You can also add Crayola Bath Dropz for even more fun.

Painting and Stamping

painting with toddlers, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

Standard finger or brush painting is amazing because kids like getting messy. We add potatoes, apples, cauliflower and carrots to make it a little wacky and we've found some cute kits with little figures like dinosaurs, cars, and trains at the dollar and craft stores.


play-doh toddlers, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

play-doh, googly eyes, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

We love Play-Doh around here. Since Taylor is obsessed with trucks we make different shaped rocks to scoop and dump. We use different animal cookie cutters and put googly eyes on them and make them talk to each other.

Box Garage

garage for toy cars box, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

Always a hit around here! Just cut different size flaps in a box for cars and toys to go in to. We also colour and put stickers all over it.

Grab and Pull Matching Game

matching game for toddler, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

I love play-based learning so this one has (and will continue to be) a big hit. I cut ribbon and hang them in our different doorways and put different shapes, animals, letters, numbers, etc. (whatever you are currently trying to teach your child) and tape them to the bottom. Make sure you hang two of each items since this is a matching game. Then name one of the items and have your toddler jump and pull them down and talk about them. Example: Ask you child to pull down the cows and talk about the noise they make, where they live, and what they eat.
Try to use items you can reuse such as cutting the shapes out of felt or flash cards to avoid waste. Also, don't forget to use painters tape so there's no damage to the door frame!

Skating on Paper Plates

 Indoor Activities To Do With Children, skating on paper plates

This is pretty self explanatory but you can make it fun by adding furniture to move around as an obstacle course.

Cooking and Meal Prep

cooking with kids, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

cooking with kids, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

Taylor loves helping me cut bananas, mix ingredients and pull apart broccoli. They can also dish up the plates for dinner or put pre-made items in containers to store in the fridge.

Sorting And Loading Laundry

Let's be honest, no matter how hard we try, laundry ins't going to do itself and trying to get laundry done with a toddler can be a nightmare. I found that if you hand them clothes and ask them to sort what pile it should go in (i.e. towel, linen, white, black, colour, etc.) they get so proud being able to identify the different items. I'll spare you the photo of our dirty clothes lol

Yoga or Stretching

yoga with kids, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

yoga with kids, Indoor Activities To Do With Children

My guys love it when I get on the ground and play with them. Especially if I'm trying to squeeze in a work out! I usually do a quick 10 minutes of yoga and I often find that it takes way longer due to the constant interruptions from the boys but we have a blast. The important thing is that you think of it as a family activity or you'll get frustrated that they're crawling under your plank or tickling your feet during your push ups. It's also a great way for them to learn new skills, practice balancing and blow off some steam.

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