Starting Christmas traditions with little kids

With Taylor getting older I keep thinking that this is when family traditions really get locked in. Not that some can't be added later but I really want to make the few magical Christmases I have with these guys really special. Here are a few things I'm really gravitating towards:

Personalized Ornaments 
My siblings and I always run over to my parents tree to find our ornaments so I made sure to get a couple from the year Taylor was born and now have two for Nixon. Since I'm a little crazy about the holidays I made some hand print ornaments as a family craft (and sent the recipe out in November's newsletter) for us and the grandparents but I also love these from @Design.With.Erin that you just slip a photo in and voila!

Gingerbread house
I bought a kit from Michael's and we had so much fun putting it together. It was a fun craft/activity when the weather was cold and we were stuck inside.

Taylor loves baking muffins so he really enjoyed making shortbread this year. I gave him his own ball of cookie dough and we pulled out some of his Play-Doh toys and he went to town. I kept it simple by buying a boxed mix at Marshall's that came with it's own cookie cutter. I feel like shortcuts and keeping it simple also keep it fun!

Decorating The Tree
We have an ornament advent calendar so we place one decoration on the tree each evening until the 24th.

Holiday Books 
These are so important right now for Taylor. Christmas is so new so books are a great way to explain certain traditions. Our favorites are:Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Toddler Christmas, and A Newfoundland and Labrador Christmas Wish

Scout Elf
This year we're starting the scout elf tradition (Elf On The Shelf) so it should be interesting to do over the next several years. It's quite a commitment but I'm hoping it's something that the boys love as they grow. Seasoned mama's: please tag or send me cute ideas for our little guy to do every night! 

The Bay Windows 
I've been going since I was a little girl and now I love taking the boys. It's such a cute Toronto tradition.

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