Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Davids Tea, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Herbal Tea During Pregnancy, Organic Mighty Aphrodite

Hands up if you've tried Red Raspberry Leaf Tea? On my Facebook 'mommy group', a couple of women were talking about the positive impacts of consuming raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy. They had heard (from their midwives) that it had some amazing benefits that include 'easier labour' and that it strengthened the uterus. To say I was intrigued was an understatement. If there was something that could make contractions, labour, and healing faster and 'easier', I needed to know more about it. Not pregnant? Skip to the last paragraph!
I will freely admit that I had never heard of it but I'm also an avid (decaf) coffee drinker that has very limited knowledge on herbal teas. The only thing I know is that you can't drink a lot of them during pregnancy. I also know that a lot of natural and holistic 'medicine' may only border on science so I wanted to inform myself before handing over my hard earned cash.

Davids Tea, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Herbal Tea During Pregnancy, Organic Mighty Aphrodite, Iced Tea Pitcher

It also helps that I have seriously been craving light and cool beverages during these warmer months. Bonus points if they wont bloat me as I'm running out of space! Unsweetened ice tea has become the perfect addition to my routine. I just make a big pitcher of it in the morning and have a couple cups a day. Personally, I use this iced tea pitcher from Davids Tea and I absolutely love it. I'm using it with their Organic Mighty Aphrodite raspberry leaf based tea to get my fix.

So lets get to the goods on Red Raspberry Leaf tea!

How much should you consume and when?

32 weeks seems to be when Naturopaths recommend starting to drink 1 cup per day.That way, you give it a chance to build up in your body and have an effect. After a few weeks build up to 2 cups and then 3+.

Benefits during  third trimester and post pregnancy include:
+ helps tone the uterus and return it to pre-pregnancy size
+ increase milk production
+ decrease nausea
+ ease labor pains
+ lower rate of forceps deliveries due to shortened labour duration
+ help prevent complications such as preeclampsia and preterm labor 
help prevent postpartum hemorrhage
reduce postpartum depression
+ rich in iron

In the event that you're reading this and you are not pregnant, rest assured! It has positive impacts on your cycle regardless (especially when you drink it 1-2 weeks prior to your period):
+ ease PMS symptoms by regulating hormones
+ ease menstrual discomfort
help tone the uterus when trying to get pregnant

Davids Tea, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Herbal Tea During Pregnancy, Organic Mighty Aphrodite

A lot of the benefits seem to be more anecdotal than scientific so it's important that you speak with your doctor before consuming. I felt comfortable drinking a bunch of Organic Mighty Aphrodite from 34 weeks onward especially since it has other ingredients. 
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