Labour Bag Checklist

Labour Bag Checklist

Packing a hospital bag for labour...  I've created a handy guide to avoid forgetting important items. You know you're going to need a labour bag so it's time to stop putting it off! Personally, I feel it's when reality sets in and you realize that the baby could come at any time. Of course that's scary but it's also important to be as prepared as possible to avoid any additional stress when you go into labour.
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This pregnancy has flown by! I’m currently sitting pretty at 35 weeks and I still have to check my Ovia app to see what week I’m on. With Taylor I just knew. The weeks seemed long and the countdown even longer but now that my spare time is spent running after him, I seem to lose sight of my due date all the time. I’m in no way saying this pregnancy has been a breeze; I’m now getting back pain and pelvic pressure I never experienced the first time around and I’m also feeling bigger (I knew I should have worked my core prior to trying for baby #2! lol) With only 5 weeks to go (or just over 3 if he comes early like Taylor!) there are a few items I can no longer put off… Like choosing a name and packing my labour bag! Having done this before, I feel like I packed pretty well the first time but have made some minor tweaks. Here’s my checklist of what to pack in your hospital bag:

  •   Lip balm! I would rather go without an epidural than without my Cherry Chap Stick. Okay, that is a lie but you get my drift!
  •    Hair brush, elastics (for labour and beyond)
  •  Glasses (contacts case and solution)
  •    Face wash, cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, shower cap (pack those samples you have yet to use. Don’t take up precious space with bottles that could leak.
  •  Makeup bag (I personally don’t consider this optional, I want to look and feel good in my first pictures with my baby but I know how crazy I sound  lol. I’m not talking about your standard full face, just some concealer, mineral powder and mascara… and maybe some bronzer…. And  brow pencil… lol)
  • Nursing pads (I have some disposable for the hospital but will switch to washable once I’m home)
  • 1 - Nursing bra
  • 5 - pairs of full bum underwear (although I loved the sexy mesh granny panties I got last time! Lol)
  • 1 - loose, comfortable pajamas
  • Nursing clothes (I packed 2 long cotton tube dresses. They feel like pajama’s and are easy to nurse in.
Snacks (non-perishables, keep in mind, they don’t feed your partner)
  • Coconut water
  • Granola bars/Trail mix
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pen (to fill out forms)
  • Ear plugs (if not getting a private room, obviously you and your spouse shouldn’t both wear them at the same time so you can hear the baby)
  • Change for vending machine
  • Birth plan (if you have one)
  • Feminine pads (much thinner than the hospital ones so you can be comfortable)
  • A book or magazine (although you likely won’t get much time to read since you’ll be staring at your new baby)
  • Flip flops for shower/walking around
  • Slipper socks (if you prefer to trash a cheap pair at the end of your stay)
  • Silicone breast pump (I got this one and I'm excited to have something to help bring in my milk and catch any that may leak while breastfeeding)

For Baby
  • 15 - Newborn diapers
  • Small pack of wipes or wash cloths
  • 1 - Swaddle or sleep sack
  • 3 - Pajamas
  • 1 - Take home outfit (if different than above)
  • 1 - Scratch mittens
  • 1 or 2 - Pacifiers if you choose to use
Lastly write a note to yourself for these last minute grabs and put on top of bag:
  • Wallet (health, hospital, and insurance cards)
  • Phone and charger*      
* don’t forget your phone charger in the outlet! I did this with Taylor and had to call the hospital and go back to a couple of days later to grab it.

labour bag, labor bag, birth essentials

Also, pack an overnight bag for your other children if necessary and have someone on standby to watch them. If your significant other is staying the night, have them pack a small bag as well or put aside a change of clothes and toiletries for you to add to your bag. I should also mention that the car seat should be installed with ample time in case baby comes early! Especially if you’ve never installed it in the car previously.
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