Flawless by Friday 5 Day System & Face Mask Review

Flawless by Friday 5 Day System

Flawless by Friday 5 Day System

I recently bought (read: this is not a sponsored post) the Flawless By Friday 5 Day System & Face Mask kit and I was so excited to try it! Each night (after the babe went to bed) I applied a mask, tidied up and watched TV with my hubby. I followed my normal regiment (removed my makeup, used a gentle cleanser, ‘toned’ with micellar water) and applied the mask. After I removed the mask, I massaged the remaining serum in to my skin and topped with my favorite night cream. The above pics are obviously with makeup after I completed the system. It made my application smooth and long lasting.

I used to go for regular facials but over the past year, they’ve become harder to coordinate. It’s tough the spend the day at work and not rush home to pick up the toddler and make dinner for my family. Whenever I would book a facial, I would prep dinner and make my husband pick up T (which meant her had to work an extra hour after dinner sometimes). As much as I love ‘me time’, it’s taken a back seat to ‘family time’. I now do my beauty rituals at home so I’m particular with my products and stuff like haircuts and waxing get scheduled on my lunch breaks. Definitely not as relaxing as it used to be but the time I spend with my family is everything to me and I refuse to give up a weekend brunch for ‘alone time’. Don’t get me wrong, I will be carving out time for myself when I’m back on maternity leave because it’s so important to keep your identity separate from just 'Mother'. Right now, I have the balance of Mother and Professional and that’s enough for the time being.

My initial thoughts (aside from the obvious Texas Chainsaw Massacre resemblance) are as follows:

Mask #1:  Moisture Monday - Hyaluronic acid mask

So damn cooling! It was easy to apply and really stayed put. I love that the masks are made from a gel rather than a serum soaked paper or cotton fiber. After I removed the mask, my skin felt plumper and stayed cool to the touch for a long after I fell asleep (I know this because the Babe has me waking regularly at the moment).

Mask #2: Toning Tuesday - Vitamin C

Okay, this one tingled more than I thought it would, I actually took it off after about 8 minutes. I’m hoping next time, I’ll be able to leave it on the full time. I think it may have been because my skin is dehydrated so it was more sensitive than usual (and I’m already fairly sensitive!) That being said, my skin felt great afterwards! It wasn’t painful at all and I can almost guarantee that when I’m not having terrible seasonal allergies (brought on by pregnancy) this mask would have felt different. It felt amazing to rub the serum in and top with my regular moisturizer.

Mask #3: Wrinkle Wednesday - Green Tea

This was my favorite mask so far. I’m not sure if it’s because my skin was perfectly prepped from the previous two masks or if I’m just wrinkly but it was to die for! The cooling sensation lasted an hour+ and my skin felt hydrated and plump as I massaged in the excess and topped with my moisturizer. The scent was super light but it was also the first one I noticed. I don’t believe the previous two had any aroma.

Mask #4: Tightening Thursday -  Caffeine

Felt refreshing and cool and my fine lines disappeared (holla!) Like the other masks, the silky skin lasted all night and into the morning.

Mask #5: Flawless Friday – Honey

This mask tingled again (similar to Tuesday’s) but only when I was talking and it was moving around and tickling certain areas. Luckily, I just shut up and enjoyed it for the duration. Once again, my skin felt amazing afterwards!

As mentioned above, my allergies have been killer! I’ve had itchy and watery eyes for a few months so I think the cooling eye patches are next on the must try list!

Here's the before (my pink, dehydrated and dull complexion)

...and after (plumped, bouncy and cool skin)

Verdict: All in all, I love this system and have since signed up for the monthly delivery of these products! My skin felt amazing for the week and had lasting benefits for days later. This is a big deal since I wear makeup every day so facial effects don’t tend to last as long usually. I also feel like it kick started my skins hydration and plumped up my fine lines. I can honestly say that I am hooked and want to try out the full range of their products! Also, Did I mention that they're a local (Toronto) brand?! Amazing!

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