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Rec Room Toronto The Yard

If you haven’t checked out Toronto’s latest hot spot The Rec Room, you really should! It has something for everyone. If you’re into live music, dining out with friends or gaming, this one stop shop is definitely for you. The Rec Room is located in the old Leons roundhouse building (next/attached to the Steam Whistle brewery) so its location is pretty damn central. I’ve been a few times (for research, I swear! Lol) and each time has been great!
Gone are the days of cashing in dollars for tokens or collecting a bucket full of redemption tickets for mediocre prizes. Now you just load and swipe your wristband and you’re good to go and, if you drop a mint, you can even cash out for designer wallets and handbags (cha-ching)!

Rec Room Toronto Trophy Case

Fun for the whole family:

If you visit between 11am-11pm, everyone is welcome. Tom and I stopped in with Taylor (only a year and a half old) during our walk one Saturday afternoon and he was loving all of the lights and sounds. Since it’s across the street from Ripley’s and the Skydome, there were a ton of parents and kids. They even have stuffed animals donning Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors shirts (if you collect enough tickets from the redemption games).

Gaming with Friends:

Dinner and drinks with some live entertainment is a weekend staple for most people in the city. Add in some competitive Mario Cart, basketball or 4-way air hockey and things can get pretty damn hilarious (especially after a drink or two!)

Corporate Teambuilding (Scene points are not available for groups):

The event staff make the organization process super easy. I recently booked 50+ people for a Wednesday evening teambuilding and the event was finalized in just a couple of emails. When we arrived, the staff was ready with our wristbands and drink tickets and we were on our way. It goes without saying that every single person enjoyed themselves.

Weekend Note: my husband’s company had dinner prior to playing games on a Friday night and it was pretty busy causing some lines at the games. He also said dinner service took a while but it was fine because it allowed time for socializing between courses.

Rec Room Toronto The Yard

Must Do’s:

The Void (Virtual Reality) It’s currently a Ghost Busters theme but I’m not sure if they change it up.

Skip the dinner and go straight to The Shed for donuts, poutine, flatbread and drinks. Bonus: you can walk freely with your drink in the gaming section.

One of the few places downtown that have a shuffleboard and 2 pin ball machines!

**My experience is specifically for the Toronto Roundhouse location. There are 3 additional locations across Canada. All photos are property of The Rec Room, mine were too blurry from having too much fun!**
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