Oversized Sweaters

As you may have noticed, I took some time to re-brand the site as well as my social media handles. I am moving away from Birdface into a name that is more symbolic as to what this blog is: a personal style blog of a working mama in the city! 
Birdface started as an outlet for me when I moved out of the beauty industry and into the finance sector. My little pet project was coined from an old East Coast nickname that my aunt called me. I added ‘Collection’ because not only was it a collection of my thoughts and style but also my love for the latest fashion collections that brands and designers were putting out seasonally. I mostly went by Birdface Blog as to not sound like a nutter collecting bird’s faces! Lol

Over the past few months I decided that the name of my blog needs to fit the actual blog (duh!) so here we are! I wanted to name is after the city I love and edit down what I wear on a regular basis into posts. Let me know your thoughts! xo
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