Easy Skeleton Makeup For Halloween!

Halloween sneaks up on me every year. I always think I’ll plan out an epic costume but then I find myself scrambling on the day of trying to come up with one that’s equal parts easy and cheap and that doesn’t make me look like a total tool. Since I was a make-up artist in a former life (and I hate wearing wigs and masks) I tend to go straight to the makeup counter for inspo.

  By far the easiest 'costume' was a skeleton. I just slathered white face paint (just a cheap drugstore Halloween one) all over and used a combo of black eyeliner (to outline and to keep my lips from smearing) and a black eye shadow crayon to fill in the larger areas. Easy peasy! I recommend Lise Watier's Crayon Kajal to define, it's my favorite pencil eyeliner and a black cream makeup, be it costume or an eye shadow stick to fill in.

I grabbed a little black dress, one of my favorite faux leather jackets and some tights with sassy cut outs. Basically, the only pop of colour was my purple DKNY purse that fit all my essentials (cell phone and more black

Happy Halloween!

What I wore:

Tatsuaki Inc dress | Forever21 jacket | DKNY purse | unknown tights

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