Leather Jacket, Dark Florals, Happy (half) New Year!

Floral Dress, Leather Jacket, Bucket Bag, Pumps

September will always feel like a fresh start for me. It’s like I’ve been programmed by the school year to get organized, reinvent my wardrobe, connect with old friends and set personal goals for myself. With the chill in this morning’s (and some of last week’s) air, I started dreaming of chunky sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I jumped at the chance to don my leather coat! I also can't get enough of dark floral dresses with opaque tights.
Floral Dress, Leather Jacket, Bucket Bag, Pumps

Don't get me wrong! I am a die hard Summer lover but every year, I find Fall sneaking up and I readily embrace my childhood excitement for Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en and all things pumpkin flavoured. This year, I’m setting some personal goals that I want to share with you in the hopes that you’ll share yours (if you have them. No pressure if you hate that kind of stuff!)

Floral Dress, Leather Jacket, Bucket Bag, Pumps

Dust off my slow cooker
First off, I need to make sure I’m on the ball with meal prep. I want to prioritize healthy eating and come home to the delicious smell of stews, soups and chili. Feel free to forward any recipes!

Host a clothing swap
I’d like to have a bunch of friends over and swap clothes while drinking wine and nibbling on yummy snacks. I’m not talking about the ugly sweater you got for Xmas 2014 or the dress in the back of your closet that has a tear in it. I want quality clothes that no longer fit the way you want it to or you’re sick of the style. I’m talking clothing, accessories, make-up and fragrances that you just aren’t feeling in exchange for someone else’s unloved items.

Do something charitable
This is so vague. I constantly feel so blessed to be living the life I have and I’m aching to give back. I haven’t decided how so all ideas are welcome! I actively donate financially to organizations that hit close to home but I’m looking to donate some time.

Blog more
This is an ongoing struggle I’m having. I love blogging but I’ve been in a clothing rut since having T… At home I live for comfort, at work it’s all business casual and not really stuff I wear in ‘real life’. Time to dig deep in my closet and re-invent some trusted favorites.

Floral Dress, Leather Jacket, Bucket Bag, Pumps

How does September bring you back to the school-like mentality? Do you stock up on stationery? Make dozens of jars of jam? Tell me everything!

What I wore:
Forever21 dress + Jacket | Nine West pumps | Olivia + Joy purse
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