Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks With Bio Oil

Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Bio Oil, Pregnancy Exercise Wear

Whether you're pregnant or not, you may (like most woman) have or have a fear or getting stretch marks. As my pregnant belly continues to grow, so does my fear of the ominous stretch marks! Que Bio Oil!

After years in the spa industry doing countless body treatments and skincare classes, I know better than most that some woman are predisposed to stretch marks and some are not. The bitch about stretch marks is that they can occur no matter your age, ethnicity and size. Sure, I have a couple on my hips that popped up years ago but luckily I'm so pale that they don't bother me at all. That being said, the thought of getting more and having them across my belly is something I'd like to avoid if necessary. Can you blame me?! Luckily, a sweet angel I know recommended Bio Oil (thanks Anita!) Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'd never heard of it. I, like everyone else, had seen it in Shoppers Drugmart aisles and magazine ads but I've never paid much attention to it. It was around 6 and a half months (or 26 weeks) that I started my evening ritual of slathering it on my belly and hips before I go to bed. It relieves any minor itches I have and also makes my belly glisten like a polished bowling ball! It's pretty great. If I'm feeling extra dry, I'll layer a light cream over top of it but usually I like how the dry oil penetrates leaving only a light layer on the surface of my skin. It's weird to say but I feel like it's a strange little bonding time for baby and I and since my skin is loving it, I may continue long after giving birth to little Bump. Not to mention the fact that my old stretchmarks are fading even more (score!)

Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Bio Oil, Pregnancy Exercise Wear

Do you have any lotions or potions you swear by or any moisturizing regime that you can't live without?

What I Wore:
Bio Oil obviously! | Victoria's Secret Pink sports bra | GAP Body sweater | Garage leggings

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