Strappy Heels and New Year's

Strappy heels, oversize sunglasses, black leather pants

'Tis the season for eggnog lattes and toasts with friends. For reflection on the previous year and how much (or little) you've grown as a person... and the anticipation of the next one and everything that lies ahead. Everyone loves a new beginning. Even though it's getting chilly and your fashion sense is seriously cramped by your giant parka, it really is hard to hate the final countdown before the holidays. 

Strappy heels, black cotton dress, black leather pants

Maybe I'm getting old and emo (after all Home Alone turns 25 this year! I know, right?!) Either way, this time of year has a slightly nostalgic feel, even for the grinchiest of grinches. As per usual, I'm dressed in mostly black but in my defense, I've mixed textures and added a pop with my shoes.

Strappy heels, black cotton dress, black leather pants

I'm a huge fan of pleather leggings, I'm pretty sure they make me look 100 times cooler than any other pair of pants I own and I always get complements on them even though they've been on the market for almost a decade.

Strappy heels, black cotton dress, black leather pants, oversize sun glasses

I kept my jewelry interesting by stacking some bracelets and mimicking the spikes on my necklace. Boom! Done! I like to call it 'half-assed-bad-ass'. It takes zero effect but makes all of the difference.

Strappy heels, black cotton dress, black leather pants, H&M Purse

This floppy shoulder bag is perfect to stash a bottle of champy or Bailey's (pick your poison) to lug to your girlfriends, or you can fill it with crumpled receipts for the 'gifts' you bought everyone on your list (read: yourself), no judgement here! A great bag goes a long way, especially during crazy season. As much as I love a cute tote with a top handle, it's near impossible not to lose your shit while carrying it, a few gifts, Starbucks and your coat around a packed mall. Leave it for another day.

Nine West Strappy heels, black cotton dress, black leather pants

Let's get real though, if you're planning on a day at the mall, leave the heels at home and opt for a cute pair of booties or creepers. No one likes to be the complaining girl hobbling around, even if her purse is brimming with bottles of Christmas cheer.

What I Wore:
American Apparel pleather leggings | Forever 21 dress + purse | Aldo heels | Topshop sunglasses | Drama Queen necklace + bracelet | Side B Designs bracelets
Design:Maira Gall.