Floral Skirt, With A Chunky Knit Cardigan [Monochromatic:Black and White]

Baby it's cool outside and I know what you're thinking... You'd rather wear your sweater/jogger ensemble, burrito-ed in your Snuggie to work then a skirt. 
Do I blame you? HELL NO! 
There's nothing better that getting wrapped up in a comfy marshmallow of clothing but lets be honest, that just wont fly at the office. So what is a working girl to do, you ask? I say, roll out of bed, dust off your pantyhose and grow a pair! 

To be honest, as long as you have a parka you're pretty much set. You're almost entirely covered with just your sweet cherub face poking out of your fuzzy hood. Welcome to winter in The6ix, where the girls are always dressed to impress, you just can't tell because they're wearing a huge coat that only exposes two little stick legs and a set of perfectly winged eyes.

No matter what the season, I always have a sweater. It's safe to say that I'll be cold during the day at some point. Inside or out, it doesn't matter. I try to match my sweater length with my skirt to create a nice even line. It's easy to do when you're short, leggy ladies will probably opt for a longer hem line to keep things PG but I wasn't blessed with legs for days so the shorter the better! lol

Confession: In the winter (read: all) months, I can be a real crab apple in the AM (shocking!) so I tend to wear a lot of  black or colours that can be easily matched through puffy eyes with my cellphone flashlight (so I don't wake the hubby. #1 wifey!) If you suffer from morning-phobia like I do but still enjoy colour blocking and mixing patterns, I would suggest putting your outfit together the night before. Otherwise, you better have the confidence to pull it off when it looks like it was put together by a toddler. Rock that $h*t! lol

Cold weather, cold heart, smoking hot outfit <3

What I Wore:
H+M skirt + shirt | Garage sweater | Franco Sarto flats | Hue tights | Material Girl necklace
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