A Long Cardigan Instead Of A Blazer

Is it true? Is Spring finally here?! 
I constantly struggle with finding the balance between hot and cold in my office. When the weather is gorgeous outside, the a/c can chill you to the bone. 
For this reason alone, I love layers, even in the warmer months. 
Light sweaters and scarves aid in the temperature flux, when you're getting a little too much sunshine (I wish!) or when you get caught in a Spring shower.

As you've probably noticed, I never wear a dress without belting it. Not only does it add a shot of glimmer, it also gives you an hourglass figure instantly.

I also love that I can easily button up the sleeves on this sweater so show off my arm party. Accessories are everything!
They are the easiest way to make inexpensive basics look amazing and personal. 

Another trend I love is matching the length of my sweater to the length of my dress to create a clean line. 

I consider these navy pumps a neutral because the detailing on them is so subtle. Sometimes all you need is a few small details to add some oomph to your look.
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