Black and White Winter Work Wear

I love this classic black and white colour combo. It's so versatile and easy to pull off (as long as your hues match and aren't faded!) Sometimes I find the simplest hues the easiest to throw on in a pinch because the always match and make even the simplest pieces look super chic. 

Something I'm wearing a lot of this season are vests. I love the look and functionality of tossing a vest over an outfit to bring it together and keep you cozy in the winter months. This one has a large collar that adds a small cape-like detail. It's also loose enough that you can wrap it around you and snuggle up.

I love layering jewelry by mixing costume with classics. My watch and bracelets match nicely due to the gold tones that I've carried through my outfit with my necklace and rings. One of my all time favorite pieces is a vintage diamond engagement ring I received as a gift. (It's not my wedding ring, just one I wear. Can you say spoiled?!) 

I added a little texture around my waist with my signature black studded belt. As you may or may not know, I always wear belts. I find that due to my height (or lack there of) I need to draw in my midsection or I end up looking a little stumpy. I probably wear this belt 3 times a week because it goes with everything and adds a little punk to all of my girly outfits.

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