Camel Coat With Black Skinny Jeans

Camel coat, Black Skinny Jeans
Cropped leather jackets have made room for the over-sized wool coats that are roomy enough for layers and make leaving the house in the morning slightly easier, even if it is only slightly. Winter is a time for soft textures and and boyfriend-fit everything to bring warmth to your wardrobe, just remember; it's all about balance.

Camel coat, Black Skinny Jeans
I always find that a camel coloured coat is a great alternative to a basic black piece. 
It adds a touch of class to your outfit, while staying neutral and on trend season after season. 
I tend to leave my black outer-wear for parkas and (faux) leather as I wear them so often I want them to match everything. 
The light beige colour of this jacket is perfect for a mild day out, making my somewhat boring basics seem more dynamic. 

Camel coat, Black Skinny Jeans

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