Dark Blue Dress, Perfect For The Office

Calling all navy lovers! 
As you probably know, my wardrobe is bursting with black pieces. Don't get me wrong, variety is the spice of life but a girl needs to be able to get dressed in no time and have faith that it will all come together in the end. Enter dark colours. They always look great, usually match each other and you can accessorize the hell out of 'em. 

 I recently noticed that every time I wore dark, moody blues, I got a bunch of complements! It's so funny how you may not notice that a colour looks great on, until an outsider tells you how fabulous you look! If it's someone that you trust, listen to them and incorporate it in your repertoire! 

Ankle boots are a great Fall staple to keep you rocking out in the cooler months. They give a great edge to summer dresses that are to cutesy or in need of a key piece to transition them to Fall.
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