Monochrome Winter Style and #metoo

Oversize grey scarf, grey sweater, black leggings, gold flats

Can someone please tell me what is happening in the world today? I feel like every day I wake up and someone new has disturbing allegations coming out. It’s appalling to thinking that people we once supported, admired and looked up to are guilty of such serious claims. I’m not here to preach or stand on a soapbox. We all know that no one has the right to take advantage of someone else. It’s not rocket science, its emotional intelligence.

The Rec Room Toronto Roundhouse

Rec Room Toronto The Yard

If you haven’t checked out Toronto’s latest hot spot The Rec Room, you really should! It has something for everyone. If you’re into live music, dining out with friends or gaming, this one stop shop is definitely for you. The Rec Room is located in the old Leons roundhouse building (next/attached to the Steam Whistle brewery) so its location is pretty damn central. I’ve been a few times (for research, I swear! Lol) and each time has been great!

Easy Skeleton Makeup For Halloween!

Halloween sneaks up on me every year. I always think I’ll plan out an epic costume but then I find myself scrambling on the day of trying to come up with one that’s equal parts easy and cheap and that doesn’t make me look like a total tool. Since I was a make-up artist in a former life (and I hate wearing wigs and masks) I tend to go straight to the makeup counter for inspo.

Quo Makeup Giveaway!

QUO Makeup Bronzer, Brow kit, lip gloss, eye shadow

Hey ya! It's time for a Quo makeup giveaway! It's been ages since I've hosted a giveaway and I  formally promise to do it more regularly. This one is super easy to enter, all you have to do is subscribe! Don't worry, I promise not to spam you, I'll only send a few posts a month to your inbox (some of them will even include more freebies! Score!)

Enter now!

Studded Jean Jacket and Other Pumped Up Basics

Forever21 Jean Jacket, AE tank top, black leggings, nine west gold flats, summer basics
I love this studded jean jacket! Comfy clothes are a must have when running errands or spending the day walking through a new city discovering it’s hidden treasures. This casual outfit is functional, weather appropriate (yes mom, I brought a jacket!) and oh-so comfortable.

Birdface Rebrand

As you may have noticed, I took some time to re-brand the site as well as my social media handles. I am moving away from Birdface into a name that is more symbolic as to what this blog is: a personal style blog of a working mama in the city! 

Quebec City Mini Vacay

hot topic tank leather leggings checkered Vans

Quebec City is a place that most Toronto school kids visit between grades 6 and 8. The main area is best navigated on foot so comfortable shoes (like my classicVans!) and leggings were a must! This breezy tank top was also necessary for the mild heatwave they were having.
There is so much history and even the landscape makes you daydream how things must have been a couple hundred years ago. 
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