COVID-19 Scrapbook For Little Kids - Instant Download

By now you've probably seen the COVID-19 Time Capsule that's been circulating around Facebook but since my kids are too small to do some of the activities, I decided to make my own from the bones of the original.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a problem with hoarding my children's art work. After a while of isolation, I figured I would easily have enough arts and crafts for a COVID-19 photo book that the kids (and us parents) could look back on. Obviously, the 'Time Capsule' idea had to be incorporated! Turns out, I wasn't alone and some of them mom's of young kids I know felt the same way! 

Weekly Meal Prep Template

Meal Prep With Kids

One of the biggest stressors in my life is feeding the family. I love cooking and grocery shopping but I never feel like I have enough time or space to cook and prep for all the meals I have. I also noticed that I tend to buy a ton of stuff and then just make whatever I can out of the items. Going into 2020, I'm really focusing on how I can reduce stress, food waste and properly budget for the meals I need to make. I don't usually cook with recipes so I just think of tried and true items and list the key ingredients I'll need.

Monday to Friday Schedule As A Working Mom

Monday to Friday Schedule As A Working Mom

Since my evening checklist was so popular and I got a lot of questions asking about our daily grind, it seemed logical to expand on it and share my full weekday routine as a working mom with 2 toddlers. This is the gold standard as to how our days should go and it makes it seem like I have my shit completely together and flutter around without a care in the world. In reality, I need this structure because I’m not a morning person and everything goes to hell in a hand basket on the days I don’t prep the night before.

How To Get Your Kid(s) Dressed To Go Outside With Minimal Stress During The Winter

Winter wear for kids

Winter + dressing toddlers to go outside = stress. I am not a morning person so I prep as much as possible at night (get my evening routine here!) A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram that I was dreading getting the kids dressed in all the winter gear and out the door to daycare on time. I quickly realized I am not alone because so many of you responded with similar fears. Whenever I’m stressed about something, I try to take a step back and see how I can simplify the process (like batching, etc.) Besides having the outwear ready to go by the front door in the morning, I started thinking of other ways I could quickly get the kids dressed and out the door with minimal meltdowns. I decided to change my perspective and think of fun ways to encourage them rather that have it be a chore. Here’s how we’re getting our butts out the door this winter:

Simplify The Holidays

Do you ever get so jazzed up for the holidays only to be overwhelmed with the To Do List the closer it gets? You and me both, mama! In recent years I’ve taken a step back and assessed what truly matters most to me and my family. I’m not talking about extending family. I’m talking about your partner and children. Obviously the holiday season is about showing those around you how much you love them but how can you do this when you’re spread thin?

Holiday Card Ideas

How I Created A Solid Evening Routine To Simplify My Morning

Simplify Your Morning

My mornings can be chaotic to say the least. The only thing I've found helpful is prepping as much as possible each evening and creating a simple routine that I can do even when I'm exhausted or tight on time. Most of the items on this list can be completed in 15 minutes (TOTAL!) but those 15 minutes can mean everything when rushing to work/daycare in the morning. 

Weekly Calendar For Children's Activities

When I was on mat leave, people always thought I had my shit together because I would be out and about with the boys. It’s not that I wanted to be out all the time, I just knew that getting out for a walk or to an EarlyON centre before lunch made all of us a little less crazy later in the day.
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