Classic Black Dress - Rocking Business Casual

Striped long cardigan, little black dress, lbd, nine west pumps

Does your office have a dress code? Mine does: 'business casual'. So many people struggle to figure out what that means. Basically nice comfortable clothes that aren’t faded or ripped. Also, no sneakers or hoodies! Jeans are allowed but everything else must elevate the jeans from casual to business. Example: a nice blouse or blazer and cute flats or heels. I always like to accessorize an outfit to add some of my own style but also dress it up. My current obsession is a bold statement necklace.

The Who, What and Why of Micellar Water

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If you've been in the beauty aisles lately, you've probably seen the latest craze: micellar water. If you're anything like me, you've likely walked right past it and thought it was just another gimmick. Oh! How wrong we were! Here's the Who, What and Why of micellar water:

Suede Vest and Over The Knee Boots

Black Suede Vest, Over The Knee Boots, Oxblood Sweater, Oxblood Purse

Just a few days ago, Santa himself shimmied his way down our chimneys. This time of year always has me reaching for dark red and black (faux) leather accessories. Not to mention cute sweaters and legging to match. Although I started shopping at the end of November I didn't finish until December 22! lol. My family uses Giftster and I swear it has saved Christmas on a number of occasions but it has yet to stop my from impulsively buying stuff for myself! lol

Oxblood velvet skirt and kick ass ankle boots

Oxblood velvet skirt, studded boots, black vest, Lionhead belt and choker necklace

Summer is long gone... Like, beyond gone... like, snowflakes in the air gone. Time to take a stab at all the cool winter fashion trends that have been popping up. Even if it is on the early side!

Monochrome Winter Style and #metoo

Oversize grey scarf, grey sweater, black leggings, gold flats

Can someone please tell me what is happening in the world today? I feel like every day I wake up and someone new has disturbing allegations coming out. It’s appalling to thinking that people we once supported, admired and looked up to are guilty of such serious claims. I’m not here to preach or stand on a soapbox. We all know that no one has the right to take advantage of someone else. It’s not rocket science, its emotional intelligence.

The Rec Room Toronto Roundhouse

Rec Room Toronto The Yard

If you haven’t checked out Toronto’s latest hot spot The Rec Room, you really should! It has something for everyone. If you’re into live music, dining out with friends or gaming, this one stop shop is definitely for you. The Rec Room is located in the old Leons roundhouse building (next/attached to the Steam Whistle brewery) so its location is pretty damn central. I’ve been a few times (for research, I swear! Lol) and each time has been great!

Easy Skeleton Makeup For Halloween!

Halloween sneaks up on me every year. I always think I’ll plan out an epic costume but then I find myself scrambling on the day of trying to come up with one that’s equal parts easy and cheap and that doesn’t make me look like a total tool. Since I was a make-up artist in a former life (and I hate wearing wigs and masks) I tend to go straight to the makeup counter for inspo.
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